Wednesday, December 21, 2011

back to december..

perghh..for this month..
rasanya im never post something news..huhu..first of all..i really enjoy my new experience..enjoy my life as commander which sometimes i feel damn down..duhh...firstly,x nk ckp bnyk..first sekali..for the 1st intake yg handle tuk bbq tuk pelatih perkad..n we did it..only is S.A.F.which is sukan antara fakulti..n for the 1st n aliah,we 2 pilih game CHESS..hahaha..rindu kot,,time skola dulu..bila lawan...semngt main chess tu..even klau x mng..rasa sesuatu aura..i really2 love chess..n for this teammate..ranking ke 5 drpd 18 fakulti..hehe..1 achievement..tu pun dah top 5..haha..hopefully next sem can beat a fskm student...ranking no 1 tue.. mandarin-hanya disiapkn selama sehari..n shooting only between 3pm-6.30pm..imagine how fast we make it..then at night,time for me editing the video.n kasi superb sometime i rasa..after this kena buat shooting awal skit..baru la leh buat super duper us!!!so,lab report sudah,video mandarin sudah..presentation bel dah....just for this friday n tommorow..i have some test..electric test n also,lab test..then,next week study week..gila la...dah nak final weyhh...kau kena pulun..argggghghh

Thursday, December 8, 2011

lab report.

akhirnya..lab report tuk sem ni..abis sudah..yuhoo..
so,x yah dah nk pikir pasal lab report..discussion,calculation,conclusion ,summary n so on...make my day become,bila dah lab report..ade lg yg belum disiapkn....argghhh..presentation bel,video aq kena spent much on them..huhu..

skrg ne nak habiskn PUO ,tp class dah abis blaja..n now i can't really understand PUO ni..huuhu...kena spent a lot alot of study..n focus on it..huhu..bila???????please..baru je dah ne nak study..arghhh..give me strenght to go all throught all of this smoothly..i can really understand this,hopefully i can meet my lecturer to ask him about this subjek..n have some discussion..

finAL make me scare to face it..i dont prepare it yet..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


pengalaman yg x dpt dilupakn..
for my 1st time..

x de dlm gambar ni

bdk comel

some picture of me

yeah..part 3..

ini je la laki part 3 yg ade pun

tnm pokok..yeah..go green..

operasi bilik gelap..

some of their plan..tugas untuk diorg ..

Monday, December 5, 2011


please geng 
cheer yourself up..
be happy....
just for dis time..
just for this moment...
if it's not for your own good..
let's do it for others..
when you are happy
people around you will be happy too..:)

now it time for me to forget all about the activity..whatsoever la..
just focusing for my study..for this week..i will never thinking about komander n doesn't mean i dont love it..but i had a wonderful2 day about 3,now is time for to focus..

Saturday, December 3, 2011


finally..the real time for me to really2 fokus to my study..
HABIS jugak KSK arini..(KARNIWAL SUKAN KESATRIA),..serius sngt enjoy di padang kawad...i love damn much komander..komander bomba...even,ajar kawad kt platih part 3 cam hampeh je...ade classmate plak kena buka buku kawad blik..ish2..x mantop lg..ok..then,, sngt2 suka PUO..dia buat tension.haha..calculus..hurm...ntah la..juz to do my all score for this really2 sorry to my group member..elisha n syanta..sbb aritu lambt antar lab report..korng tertunggu2 kt lab..sangt2 minta..harap korng maafkn yer..saya x bermaksud nk buat lab report aq dah siapkn 80%..sbb result x de kt aq..haha..klau x aritu gak aq siapkan..then..manyak homework..give me some space to free from anything..pleaseee...i need a lot of intake 45 bomba..if u understand my situation now..please give some space...
time perkad..saje buat cam tue..konon serius ar..
sembang mak kiah..time KSK tgh dijalankn..meeting pasal mkann

sementara tunggu game netball.. sorng je..saje..sape la yg amik gambo nie..

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