Sunday, November 21, 2010



dear cik net,
why marathon..hehehe..saja je..tiru ayat la ameera..hehhe..dia asyik duk marothon movie je..ckp gempak kt penang ada marathon esok..ingtkan join..adoi kawan aq sorng nie..dia plak duk syok marathon movie..leh la aq jd geng dia gak..coz ari ni pun aq marothon movie..klau mira personal plak down with love..mmg syok abisla..n VERYVERY FUNNY..bdk2 kecil yg digelar monster kt dlm movie so kawaii n funny...make me laughing all night..huhu....the main character also good n great..very good collaboration..

if want to know more about this movie and their artist.u can also go to this will help u..i almost finish watch it trought

ape rancangan tuk esok erk..hurmm...let see tomorrow..huuhu..

quote of today.>>>
                              Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is 
                         not to stop questioning.
                                Albert Einstein 


Saturday, November 20, 2010

i feel blessed

anyway, lets start the new one today with a new story of a journey of a chemical engineer to-be.ADILAH..hukhuk.

today,is my 3th class for driving...more better,better then before n yesterday...i can drive by myself to practice parking,3 penjuru n bukit.syookk habiss..hehe..but,so hot..urgghh..berpeluh habis..then,pasal nk dpt lesen punya hal..redah jer..then,round2 kkb..jalan A n jalan B..ok la..the instructor teach me a lot..thanxx yaa..we take 4hour to practice today before go back to serendah..then,at home,tgk2 citer..mkn skit..then,,tido smpai la ke ptgg..huhuhu..aktiviti harian when holiday or exam break..afterall,again n again,i will on9 the internet..
n firstly,of coz hav to play game,after finished it..then i started to blogging n see facebook..
when i open my fb,not all my classmate on9..huhuhu..miss them alot..nak start sem 2..hav fun with n struggling for study again..n go to class together2..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

common things

dear cik net
i dont know what to say..just want to write something,my blog will not look so bored..huhuhu..
first of all..nak story pasal what i hav done today..firstly,at the so early morning..i have to prepare myself for driving is my 2nd day practice to drive..kind like GABRA sikit la..then,time first2 want to go to office ps samy at serendah..ME,my twin n little brother hav seen some accident happen at here..wah,i can  see 5 died people..oh man..really make upset...of coz la..kita x tau bila ajal akan,we hav to prepare iman,takwa,n amal ibadat yg cukup....bnyak tul kes yg melibtkn accident at the road..ok..

then,i hav to drive from serendah to ampang the driving school..firstly,the instructor giv so command to go somewhere to practice,then baru go to the ps samy ampang there,i hav to practice first at the track..BUKIT,PARKING N 3 PENJURU..then,round2 kkb..road A n road B..ok..firstly,ade gk asyik mati enjin..adoi,uncle india look like very angry to me..'why u angkat clash habis'..nak je ckp..'takut seyh'...huhuhu...simpan je.buat dekk je..hehehe...but,this uncle is ok..he teach me a,cannot marah2 him la...that why im ok je with him...hhehe..:))..he always talk n talk...a lot of thing he story,not so bored..when im drived i feel so excited n more focus because i love it..n want to learn it..for test..kang terkantoi plak..heheh....
then,went 4 hour finishing our practice for today,they send back me n aliah home...I feel so SLEEPYY..yupp..not hav enougghtt time...FOR WHAT??of coz la ON9...what the happiest things when go back home..hehehe..24 hour at my lappy..starring at facebooking,chatting with my lovely classmate,my ex rumate kmpp n people..the best moment i like...then watching movie on9...ofcoz hav to wait for the movie finished loading..huhuhuhuu..the movie i like to watch is koreann n always jepun n sometime taiwan..syokk habis..ehehheehe..

dear cik net,
i want see some sort of movie again tonight..n tomorrow i hav my driving class again at 8,hav to sleep early..if i hav time,i will post anything...ok..

ASSALAMUALAIKUM n good night..
have a nice days...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


surprisingly,i have to make 2nd blog..because my 1st lately become so i think to make another blog..for the new environment n new thing,new life...i hope this is my last  blog..coz this blog will make me more matured n know something new that people can share with me...

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