Friday, September 23, 2011

learn something news..

fuh..this week..mmg betul2 mencabar,best,menakut n mengujakan..hahah..
coz why???

i totally feel differ from my last last new course,my new subjek..totolly differ..i love it.
coz i like to challenge myself..haha..i hope that i can do better BETTER n betteeeerrr...i want to score all my course..i really love bel(english class) because i weak in,this is the best way for me and all my friend take advantage to grab all information learn something..

so,yestesday.i have a PROCESS ENGINEERING LAB..fuh..totally differ from my sem 1..everything madam will handle..but,this ..all of us have to do it on our own..even have to make an appoinment.n my group not doing it..coz..we dont know nothing..a little bit,im keeping asking my friend that done it,the next morning..we arrived at fluid mechanic lab 30 minutes early before the class started n wait n have some meeting amongs my group,we decided to called lab assistant..yeah,lab assistant meets us and let us do ours consultation..uknow what..we are the 1st group start the consultation..even we not make an appointment..lorh,,this is ours 1st time lorh..ok la tue..thanx to ALLAH..coz helps us..haha.. i think we are the last group finish this consultation..because we have to prepare for 2 lab..''free n forced vortex'' and ''properties measurement''.heehe..

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